Reliability and Punctuality

For the whole trip Around the Edge of England

"Reliability" (i.e. buses completing their scheduled journeys) was 97.3%
The "failures" were:
2 buses failed to stop to pick up waiting passengers including me!
1 bus missed out part of its scheduled route
1 bus was involved in a minor collision
1 bus broke down
1 bus failed to run (reason unknown)
1 bus was so late that an alternative had to be used.

"Punctuality" (as measured by the Traffic Commissioners' definition of 1 minute early to 5 minutes late) was  77.5%  

The unpunctual buses were
0.4%  were  more than one minute early
12.4% were between 6 and 10 minutes late
6.2% were 11 to 30 minutes late
0.8% were more than 30 minutes late.
2.7% of buses failed to complete their scheduled route (see above)

The maximum early running was three minutes (which was one bus). The maximum lateness was 33 minutes.  Causes of lateness, where they could be established, were mainly traffic congestion, especially prevelant in the late afternoons, but did include a few instances of unrealistic scheduling and vehicle defects and one diversion due to a road closure.  In only one case did the delay necessitate a change of plan.

Only bus punctuality was measured.

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