The Rules

Here are the rules that I've set myself:

1. Travel is by local bus service, unless this would involve a large diversion or is otherwise impractical, in which case alternative forms of public transport may be used. The route is "around the edge of England", with the "edge" defined as the coast plus the Welsh and Scottish borders.

2. The journey will be made in  stages, although each stage must begin where the previous stage ended.

3. The route is to stick as closely to the "edge" as possible commensurate with making reasonable progress. Points on the "edge" that can only reached by out-and-back journeys may be excluded or included as desired. The "edge" route may be deviated from where to stick to it would result in frequent changes of bus or lengthy connections.

4. Estuaries may be crossed by bridge, tunnel, ferry or train or avoided by following inland routes to the first practical bridging point.

5. Islands (e.g. the Isle of Wight) are included as long as suitable bus routes exist.

6. Any of the above  rules may be amended or ignored, It's only for fun after all!

Jim Davies
2 May 2015

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